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The ancient art of Qi Gong cultivates and nourishes our body’s internal, vital energy or Qi.

Gentle, flowing, contemplative movement helps harmonize body, mind, breath and spirit.  

Through performing Qi Gong slowly, with attention to the breath, keeping a still mind, the Qi circulates through all the energetic and physical systems of the body to promote a calm spirit (shen), harmony and well-being.

Qi Gong cultivates and nourishes the energetic level of our being, our Qi, the life force circulating through specific pathways in our body to nourish all cells, tissues, organs and systems.

Stagnation and disharmony of Qi flow is the number one cause of dis-ease. Abundant Qi, flowing smoothly and harmoniously through our body is essential to good health, good immune function, proper endocrine function, digestion and elimination.

These gentle, flowing movements promote strength, resilience and balance.

Regular practice of Qi Gong (15 to 60 minutes per day):

  Opens the joints (gates) and muscles; promotes strength and flexibility.

 Supports a flexible and resilient spine.

  Naturally strengthens the spine, lower back, knees, legs and whole system.

Nourishes, harmonizes and relaxes our internal organs. 

 Cultivates Qi (vital energy). 

 Harmonizes Qi flow through the organs, tissues, meridians and systems of the body. 

     Calms the nervous system, releases stress. 

Cultivates calm awareness, quiets the mind and supports relaxation

Supports balance and resilience in body, mind, spirit.

 A calm spirit is nourished, facilitating deep peace and healing from the cellular level up!

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