• Suzanne Sky, L.Ac., MTOM

Summer Passion and Wonder


“If you enjoy living, it is not difficult to keep the sense of wonder.” Ray Bradbury

For many of us, the warmth of summer invites us to be outside, enjoying and participating in the beauty all around us. The expansive, uplifting nature of summer’s Fire element ignites our passion, our energy, our aliveness. Our five senses come fully alive as we enjoy the rainbow array of flowers and bask in the sun, moon, stars, ocean, lakes, streams, sand, forest, gardens. Our feet planted on the ground as we’re sensing, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting the vibrancy all around us.

Summer invites us to be curious, explore, wonder, and wander all with an open heart and engaged body, mind, spirit. Being outside, participating in the beauty all around us, fills our hearts with joy.

Be outdoors as much as possible, wherever and whatever you love, soak it all in and enjoy! Our bodies thrive on the sunshine, ocean air, forest coolness, and delight in the activities and special get togethers with friends that summer has to offer.

Already, every time I close my eyes I am surrounded by the wildflowers, meadows, lush forest trees carpeted with green plants and wide open mountain vistas, reliving a hike I was on recently. I inhale the green, lavender, purple, sky blue and rainbow colors and give thanks for this deep nourishment of my soul.

Engage your passion, nourish your heart and spirit as you create a wonderful summer season for yourself. Take these delicious experiences deep into your heart where they will provide nourishment throughout the winter months and for years to come!

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