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Spring Revitalizing Herbal Tea

Are you feeling spring in your step? Here in Southern Oregon, the green is finally back. Overnight the rose bushes, shrubs, and trees are radiant with vibrant green and red leaves. Flowers are bursting out of the ground with a rainbow array of colors.

Chinese medicine correlates spring with the Wood element, the color green, and the East. The Liver aspect of the Wood element governs the tendons and ligaments and opens into the eyes. Known as The General, the Liver is in charge of the smooth, harmonious, and even flow of Qi (vital life force) and Blood throughout the body.

All plants, trees, and herbs are part of the Wood element. In particular, green, growing, hollow bamboo symbolizes this spring energy due to its resilience, flexibility, and ability to grow, adapt, and bend with the winds of change.

Spring Revitalizing Herbal Tea Blend

I’ve been making a mineralizing, revitalizing, seasonal herbal tea blend for myself and clients for fifteen years. The nutritive herbal base of Nettles herb and Oatstraw (equal parts of each) provides the foundation of the formula. Nettles is especially rich in protein, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. Oatstraw is also highly nutritive and especially high in the mineral silica, which supports healthy skin and hair.

The rest of the herbal ingredients vary with the season, the year, and your health focus. This season my Revitalizing Tea Blend includes Dandelion root and Burdock root to move and cleanse the liver. Lemon Balm and Skullcap herb calms the nervous system while Gotu Kola is a revitalizing brain tonic. The adaptogen herbs, Schizandra and Eleuthero, support overall energy and immune health.

Berries are packed with phytonutrients and rich in flavonoids that benefit cellular, immune, and overall health.

I always add several types of berries to my Revitalizing Tea blend, depending on the season. Their flavor can be quite strong, so a small amount of berries brings a lot to a tea blend. For spring include Schizandra berries and Bilberries. Schizandra, known as the five flavor herb in Chinese medicine, is a tonic for both the liver and respiratory system. Bilberries are well-known to benefit the liver and eyes. They also support gut and immune health.

Each morning, I put about two tablespoons of my Revitalizing herbal tea blend in a one-quart mason jar. I cover it with boiling water and let steep for about an hour or so; then strain it into my quart hydroflask to take with me and enjoy througout the day. Revitalizing tea herbs provide us with such an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and plant nutrients (phytonutrients) unique to the plant kingdom that provide nourishment for all the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of our body. You can find most of these herbs in the bulk section of your health food store. Be sure to only purchase organically-grown or sustainably wildcrafted herbs. Create your own spring blend and enjoy!

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