• Suzanne Sky, L.Ac., MTOM

Spring Cleaning & Greening

Spring Activities

Simplify your diet. Eat only organic and nourishing foods that agree with you. Include lots of organic, fresh local greens gently-steamed such as kale, collards, green beans, asparagus, cilantro, parsley.

Start a regular exercise program. Include outdoor activities and breathe fresh air. Goals: build strength, flexibility, resilience, health. Ideas: walking, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, swimming, hiking.

Spring-cleaning! Clean out an area of your home that has been neglected! Throw out, recycle or give away unused items to make room for new energy in your life!

Clear out and release any negative issues or holding patterns. Let in the sunshine and plant seeds of joy! Consciously cultivate gratitude and be the smile.

Enjoy being outside in nature daily. Get out in the green forests, off to the enliving coast, or just walk around your neighborhood. Savor the smells, colors, sounds, sensations, and beauty all around you.

Give thanks for each day, for the beauty surrounding us and the gift of life!

Take time to simply Be…. and do nothing! Sit outside and watch the clouds pass by. Sit near a stream in the forest and savor the moment. Just 15 minutes a day of simply BE-ing relaxes and resets our nervous system and outlook on life. It engages our physiological “relaxation mode” (the parasympathetic nervous system) where healing occurs.

And, of course, gardening! Plant for a season of fun, flowers and healthy home-grown food!

Violets by Suzanne E. Sky

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