• Suzanne Sky, L.Ac., MTOM

My love affair with essential oils....

My love affair with essential oils began back in the 1970s when I worked as a consultant in health food stores. I've used essential oils for myself, family, friends, and clients ever since and found them both amazing and delightful. I love creating topical blends for different needs and using them in a diffuser for their aromatherapy benefits.

I use them sparingly at the clinic because I discovered that some people are highly sensitive to scent or essential oils. This gave me profound respect for the power the oils themselves and even more so, for the quality of essential oils.

I only use exceptional quality oils for myself and in my practice. I use the Snow Lotus and Floracopeia oils which are practitioner grade and produced by Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practitioners. doTerra essential oils are the main essential oils I use in my clinic at home on a regular basis and I find their quality and aroma to be outstanding.

I love using the oils as aromatherapy, combining and diffusing them for their aromatic qualities that clear the air and enhance positive mental/emotional response through their action on our limbic system.

I blend the oils for external use for skin care, relaxation, and many other uses. I often rub doTerra's lovely Serenity blend on the soles of my feet before bed or use one of their blends to smell throughout my work day.

I find the incredible aromas of flowers and plants to be engaging and deeply nourishing to our spirit, helping connect us with our heart and being.

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