• Suzanne Sky, L.Ac., MTOM

My Favorite Relaxation Spot: Home!

There's no place like home, as wise Dorothy once said, upon her return from the magic land of Oz. Luckily for me, my magical place is home; particularly relaxing in my back yard amongst the abundance of spring-blooming roses in the varied hues of pinks, roses, burgundy and deep purple reds. The sky overhead changes blue to indigo with clouds forming, shifting, gathering and clearing throughout the day. Geese fly overhead, honking happily. Birds come to rest in tree branches and many types of bees feast on the cat mint, lavender and roses. Weeds are sprouting all over the place, beckoning me outside to pull them, tend the soil and be near the earth and flowers. In the early morning, I visit the flowers and take cuttings to gather and arrange inside in colorful small vases so I can enjoy them everywhere. At the end of the day, I sit for a few minutes and my cat climbs on my lap. Together, we inhale the beauty that surrounds us, the sweet, fresh air and exhale gratitude, solace and peace. It's good to take time to smell the roses; it nourishes the spirit and refreshes the soul.

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