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Chinese Medicine Life Practices to Put Spring in Your Step!

by Suzanne E. Sky, L.Ac., MTOM

The ancient Chinese lived in harmony with the seasons thus preserving their well-being.

Quiesence in winter restores our energy, preparing us for the activity of spring.

Spring is a time of rebirth and revitalization; a time to open unfold on all levels. And a time to plant new seeds and the start of a new growing cycle. If you garden, it’s time to fertilize the blueberries and asparagus – they’ll all be waking up hungry after winter’s sleep.

The cherry blossoms in the image symbolizes the flowering energy of spring. An old Chinese proverb teaches us to keep a green branch in our heart and a singing bird will come. As we attune to our spiritual nature, we cultivate and tend our spirit, our consciousness, with loving awareness. Through all the stories and dramas of life we keep our hearts green and growing. Birds are naturally attracted to green and flowering tree branches, to rest and nest, where they sing the songs of their lives. So it is with us.

Sage Advice for Spring

In springtime, to be in harmony with the seasons, Taoist sages advise us to retire early, arise early and walk outside as much as possible to absorb the fresh invigorating energy. We should wear loose-fitting clothing and allow our hair to flow loose. In addition to walking, more frequent exercise is invigorating, particularly stretching, Qi Gong and Tai Chi to loosen up the tendons and muscles and move the Qi through the meridians and organs of the body.

With the energy flowing outwards from deep in the body, appropriate exercise, foods and attitudes help clear any toxins accumulated over the winter, gently helping to clear and renew the organs and tissues of the body, like working the soil in the spring to prepare for the new season of planting. We also love to “spring clean” our closets and houses. Clearing out the old, makes way for the new. This allows summer’s period of robust growth to flourish. In summer, it is important to be happy, easygoing, not holding on to grudges; so our energy can flow freely.

Spring Activities

• Simplify your diet and eat an abundance of vegetables – 2 to 3 servings twice a day.

• Eat only organic and nourishing foods that agree with you.

• Start a regular exercise program that includes an outdoor activity to enjoy the beauty and breathe fresh air. Goal: build strength, flexibility, resilience, health.

Cherry Blossoms photo by suzanne sky 2019

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