• Suzanne Sky, L.Ac., MTOM

Autumnal Harvests

As a warm-weather, sunshine person, I'm always slow to let summer's glow slip away into the grayer days of autumn and winter. But autumn has it's own delights with changing colors highlighted by the shifting angle of the sun, and delightfully crispy cool air. The garden is delightfully colored with the last burst of rose blooms and my new rose this year, has ripening orange and red big rose hips that I look forward to trying. I harvested Elder berries from my young bush; not enough this year to make syrup, but I dried them to put in herbal teas for their immune support. I also harvested and dried Horehound herb, which is a wonderful lung tonic albeit a bit bitter; I'll just add a small amount to my Autumn herbal tea blend. Each season I make an herbal tea blend for my patients at the clinic. I make the same one for myself, though at home, I tend to make a new blend weekly and vary the ingredients a bit. The base of my formula is always the same: equal parts Nettles leaf and Oatstraw to provide powerful, rich mineral support for the cells, tissues and organs. The rest of the formula varies by season; or in my case for which energetic system I want to support. For autumn and winter I add a rich supply of dried berries for their vitamins and antioxidant support. This includes the trio of Bilberries, Schizandra, and Elderberry, along with Rose Hips that I've gathered in the wild or in my garden.

Horehound herb

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