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A Simple Spring Cleanse

Spring is a great time to transition to a healthier diet. As fresh vegetables and fruits come into season, they provide us with healthy and tasty alternatives to support our decision to nourish ourselves more deeply. Vegetables are true nutrient-dense foods, high in minerals and vitamins that keep us healthy. Vegetables and fresh fruits are also abundant in plant polyphenols which offer profound antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity that supports cellular health.

Spring naturally invites us to get outside more to breathe the fresh air and move. Tune in to your own body to find out what feels good both for movement and foods. Spring is a good time to eat light for a few weeks, avoiding the heavier foods we’ve been enjoying in the winter, and focusing on a wide variety of steamed greens and vegetables.

For the next 3 weeks eliminate all:

• heavy, oily, and salty foods which can clog the liver

• sugar, sweeteners

• cookies, bread, muffins, baked goods

• roasted vegetables (which are high in sugars and lower in nutrients)

• fried, sauteed or grilled foods

• red meat

For the next 3 weeks include:

• an abundance of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, culinary herbs and greens.

• gently steamed greens and vegetables to optimize nutrient bioavailability

• homemade vegetable soups. Add some beans if you like for protein.

• some dandelion greens or other wild greens as available in your area

• asparagus and leeks are spring foods great for multiple systems

• cruciferous vegetables benefit the liver: cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, bak choi, kale, collards.

• beets are high in choline and excellent for the liver, blood and colon. Lightly steam with some kale or collards to nourish the blood.

• herbs like basil, cilantro, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, dill and bay leaf are good spring seasonings.

• enjoy about 8 to 12 ounces of fresh, organic vegetable juice per day. Experiment with mixtures of apple, carrot, celery, beet, cucumber and kale. Add a little fresh turmeric or ginger to give warmth.

• sprouts: brocoli sprouts, microgreens, fenugreek sprouts, sunflower and buckwheat

Liver cleansing foods include:

• Burdock root, artichokes, celery, beets

• Arugula, watercress, cilantro, chicory, dandelion greens, wild chickweed.

• Cherries – Clean and nourish the blood, benefit the gallbladder.

• Fresh pears- Benefit the gall bladder.

• Blueberries – Benefits the immune system, large intestine, liver, and eyes.

• Protein foods that benefit the liver: fish, eggs, almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds.

• Plant Omega-3 oils include flax, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, chia, and hemp seeds.

Blueberry Spring Flower Buds suzanne sky

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