Local Health Practitioners

There are so many wonderful practitioners in the Rogue Valley. These are several to whom I regularly refer patients.

Shawn Flot, PT, LPT - Moving Into Harmony

Gema Allen, LMT - LightHeart Touch ~ Craniosacral Therapy

Kimberly Hall, LMT - Massage Therapy

Dr. Timothy March, DC - Wellspring Centre for Body Balance

Dr. Jeffrey Judkins - Animalkind Clinic

Veterinary doctor with Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, and acupuncture skills.

Professional Associates

Mederi Centre for Natural Healing         Ashland, Oregon

I worked here from 1999 to 2004 with Donald R. Yance, MCNH, the founder, Clinical Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist. 

Natura Health Products          Ashland, Oregon

I've worked for many years as a Freelance Medical Educator Writer for Donnie's company Natura. I've included their high-quality products in client protocols since 2004.

Morningstar Healing Arts           Ashland, Oregon

I've worked with Howard Morningstar, MD and Sue Morningstar, CNM for almost four years offering nutritional counseling to their patients.

Herbal Medicine Links

Henriette's Herbal - outstanding herbal website

Henriette Kress has kept this site going for many years and it just continues to get better. Great source of Western herbal information, whether doing research or just perusing! I wrote information pages on Chinese Medicine and on Flower Essences for this site many years ago.

Columbines School of Botanical Studies

Howie Brounstein offers an excellent course in ethical herbal wildcrafting in the Pacific Northwest. I took part one of his class when I first got to Oregon in 1998 and thoroughly enjoyed myself,  learned a lot and hiked many beautiful places with wonderful people.

Far infrared heat is wonderfully therapeutic. Far infrared is a very long wavelength that penetrates deeply into the tissues. It helps calm inflammation, helps relax muscles and benefits the Qi (the body's natural energy). 

I've used far infrared heat lamps for many years to supplement my acupuncture treatments, especially for musculoskeletal issues.

I've always wished for a simple and more portable method of being able to use the far infrared heat at home and here it is.

The Mediwarm Mat is incredibly well-designed and very high quality. In my experience, the heat is gentle, clear, and effective.  

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