Herbal Medicine

“… Plants have always provided for human life. They have nourished us with food, provided shelter,

and supplied medicine – time tested medicine from the wisdom of the earth

 combined with the wisdom of the universe.”

~ Dr. Malte Hozzel

My relationship with herbs began as a young woman of 18 in the early 1970s, when I took home bundles of herbs and an herb book (Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss) from the health food store. I have been preparing, combining and using herbs for myself, family,  friends and clients ever since.

I have studied and worked with Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicine traditions and love to blend the herbs from these traditions for truly nourishing and restorative effects. 

Back in the day, for a couple of decades my clinic was stocked with over 200 beautiful raw herbs, and over 200 herbal tinctureswhich I would custom blend into formulas unique for each individual. 

Nowadays, people prefer powders, tablets and capsules, and there is an enormous selection available of high-quality Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbal compounds to choose from. 

I custom blend unique formals for each individual, using outstanding quality herbal powders. I draw upon over 30 years of experience with herbal folk medicine and the revered traditions of Chinese, Western and Ayurvedic medicines.

My Chinese Taoist teacher, Lily Siou, and other mentors trained us to always custom blend formulas for each person that change according to their progress and healing process. Through modern schooling, I learned to revere traditional formulas for the inspiration and insights they lend.


    • Promote the body’s own healing ability

    • Address the root cause of illness

    • Enhance immune function and promote well-being

    • Replenish depleted reserves

    • Rejuvenate and provide nourishment at deep levels

What is unique about Chinese herbal medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine offers an advanced system of time-tested herbal medicine with thousands of years of clinical experience and unsurpassed success. Most often, herbs that nourish and strengthen the body are combined with herbs to address the specific disharmony. This is based on ancient wisdom, that a strong, healthy body is resilient; able to resist most disease or pathogens. Thus, it is said that Chinese herbal medicine treats both the Root (Ben) of the disease as well as its manifestations (Branch or Biao) This is imperative for effective, lasting results

Herbs are profoundly nourishing and restorative; addressing all layers of body, mind and spirit to promote our natural healing response.

Herbal medicine is both a science and an art. It can be practiced as folk medicine by combining flowers and herbs for health-imparting teas. As practitioners of Chinese Medicine, we are trained in a wide application of herbs, from simple teas to medicinal decoctions.

To withstand the stresses of life, the best medicine we can provide ourselves with is a good foundation of health to keep our immune system functioning at peak levels. Feeling our best allows us to offer our creative expression and to enjoy our daily lives.

When we do become ill, herbs help to restore the strength and vitality of the body. Herbs work at a deep level, providing raw materials, nutrients, chemical messages, and energetics to induce healing from the cellular level up.

How are herbs chosen?

Herbs are chosen based on a person’s constitutional type and their present needs. Formulas are changed over time to assist the healing process. In Chinese medicine, herbs are also classified energetically. Their effects have been studied over thousands of years. Certain herbs are hot, cold, warm or cooling. Their effect is determined as drying, moistening, astringing or calming to name a few. The herbs are also classified into major groups of activity, such as “Clear Heat”, “Nourish Qi”, “Harmonize”, “Calm Shen” or “Invigorate Blood”.

The herbalist matches herbs with the individual, blending herbs to make formulations, which change over time according to the individual’s progress.

​all writings are copyright 2016 by suzanne e. sky