My love affair with essential oils began in the 1970s and I've used them for myself and clinically since then. I've used Snow Lotus and Floracopeia essential oils for many years and am currently delighted to also be engaging with and offering doTerra Essential oils. 

The quality of doTerra essential oils begins with sustainable practices, care for the communities that grow and harvest the herbs and extends through impeccable testing and production methods. doTerra creates beautiful, nourishing oils and also gives back to community with amazing programs. I'm very happy to be associated with this company and I'm enjoying their oils every day.

As I deepen my profound relationship with essential oils through study and reflection, I'll be sharing this journey through creating an essential oil blog. 

Meanwhile, here is a link to my doTerra page if you already love these oils and would like to purchase them directly. 

​all writings are copyright 2016 by suzanne e. sky