Telehealth Wellness Consult with Suzanne  - via Zoom

Would you like support in making lasting changes in your health?

I offer wellness, herbal and nutritional consults, via Zoom.

Afterwards, you receive a written protocol with my  recommendations based on our discussion.

Would you like help designing a health program tailored just for you?

I offer compassionate approaches to support body, mind, spirit, and heart through all the seasons of life. 

My specialities include:

   • Immune health

   • Respiratory health

   • Cultivating resilience

   • Women's health care

   • Nourishing emotional well-being

   • Enhancing recovery from stress, pain, injury

   • Harmonizing healthy digestion

   • Replenishing deep energy reserves

   • Supporting quality of life while undergoing medical treatments

Contact Suzanne to schedule an initial 20-minute meeting so we can meet and discuss the possibility of working together, as I have limited openings. 

Suzanne's compassionate and common sense approach to health is rooted in traditional medicines, including Chinese medicine, Western herbal medicine and ancient food as medicine approaches.

Suzanne offers over three decades of experience and continuing study and scientific research.

The Wellness Consult is an opportunity to support lasting changes in your health through receiving specific suggestions focused on your individual needs and learning what approaches can be most beneficial for you, in the present and long-term.

This in-depth consult is most appropriate for people with chronic conditions and those wanting to make lasting changes in their diet, lifestyle and health; and is also helpful for those seeking herbal and nutritional support to complement their cancer care.  Chinese medicine, Qi Gong and nutritional compounds can be very helpful to support a person’s well-being and quality of life through their medical treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Suzanne loves to  help tailor a specific protocol for your health needs and wellness goals.

Ongoing support and evaluation is given through follow-up sessions, where changes can be made to the protocol as needed, depending on the person’s needs, their lifestyle and the seasons.

Once a good level of wellness is reached,  we can develop a simple program to support and maintain your well-being.

The first part of a each Consult is meeting together to review your  health history, issues and wellness goals, along with evaluation of your current nutritional, medical and health program. Suzanne reviews Western medical blood work and reports to fully understand a person’s situation and because the results of those reports will give specific nutritional information. 


After each session, you will receive a written protocol of recommended herbs, supplements, dietary and lifestyle considerations.

Suzanne offers an initial 20-minute consult if you’d like to speak with her further.

​all writings are copyright 2016 by suzanne e. sky