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Suzanne is voted one of Ashland’s "Favorite Acupuncturists” almost yearly since 2004

If the spirit is at peace,
the heart is in harmony;
when the heart is in harmony,
the body is whole.


Liu Zhou

6th century philosppher

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 Suzanne E. Sky, L.Ac. MTOM

 Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine

  Living, Teaching &  Practicing the Healing Arts since 1975

  Compassionate, Wholistic Care for Body, Mind & Spirit

Blending ancient Chinese wisdom, with decades of research and experience, I work to support and nourish your innate healing capacity and resilience.

I've worked with herbs, nutrition, and healing modalities since the 1970s. In 1975 I moved to Hawaii where I met and studied with Taoist master Dr. Lily Siou over the years and graduated with my first masters degree in Chinese medicine in 1989. I also studied with other wonderful mentors and teachers during this time, learning herbal medicine, nutrition, energetic healing, meditation, and more.  

Moving to Southern California in 1990, I gained a second Masters degree, graduating magne cum laude from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and practiced for seven years at my 3 Treasures Clinic. 

Since 1998, I've lived and practiced in beautiful Southern Oregon. For five years I specialized in integrative oncology care working with Donald Yance. In 2004, I began my Chinese medicine general practice at my clinic Ashland Acupuncture.


I currently offer wellness, herbal, and nutritional consults and resilience and life coaching via phone or Zoom. I offer compassionate approaches to support body, mind, spirit, and heart through all the seasons of life. 

My specialities include:

   • Immune health

   • Respiratory health

   • Cultivating resilience

   • Women's health care

   • Nourishing emotional well-being

   • Enhancing recovery from stress, pain, injury

   • Harmonizing healthy digestion

   • Replenishing deep energy reserves

   • Supporting quality of life while undergoing medical treatments

As a long-time meditation practitioner with appreciation for the inner wisdom found in many traditions, I am a life-long learner. My ongoing practices include study, research, and writing. I love gardening, exploring nature, photographing flowers, and long walks with Ginger, my English Golden Retriever. 

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